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The story behind the brands we carry...

…Back in March 2018 my brother and I visited an optical trade show in New York.

We were completely inspired with the glasses that we saw. The designers were engaging and we decided to change the concept of both of our practices . We now only carry niche Eyewear. These are companies that have a passion and flair for their craft. They are real people with real stories behind the select brands we work with .

Introducing Sabine Be

These dazzling frames ooze passion and personality. Bold, colourful acetates, metals and combination frames in stunning vibrant colours. Handmade in France from the finest materials, with a deep attention to detail. Each frame is a design ,master piece

Introducing Blackfin

The founder of Blackfin Maria Pramaor in 1971 opened up her own frame workshop, after nine years as an employee in the industry. Some twenty years later they sent their technical experts to Japan, setup a small department and that was the hallmark of every Blackfin titanium frame. Everything now is created in Italy with the purest and most perfect raw materials.

Introducing Face a Face 

This gorgeous collection are handmade in Paris. Each eyewear collection is inspired by modern art, contemporary design and fashion trends. It was born to Parisian artistic culture more than 25 years ago. With exquisite combinations of materials, unique shapes and vibrant colour palettes, Face a Face collections strike a perfect balance between quality, function and design.

Introducing Cazal

Trends come and go but style never goes out of fashion. Cazal Eyewear is the life’s work and design legacy of a man that basically defined eyewear design from the 80s on : Cari Zalloni the former chief designer of Cazal. We have been a stockist now for around 15 years. We love their style. Their legend sunglasses are awesome and are definitely a head turner!